What are the causes of heart disease?

What are the causes of heart disease?. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. Heart disease and heart problems occur during this disease. This includes constriction of blood vessels. Poor diet, smoking and not exercising are the main reasons. High blood pressure is also a major risk factor.

What are the causes of heart disease
What are the causes of heart disease

You may have heart problems for the following reasons

Diseases of the gums

Bacteria enter the bloodstream through the mouth. This causes inflammation in the arteries. And then the fat starts to accumulate. According to many reports, gum disease can be controlled and causes of heart disease prevented.

Overcoming vehicle noise

Traffic noise raises blood pressure. This constant noise causes blood pressure problems. This can lead to stroke and heart disease. Increasing the frequency of sound puts pressure on the body. Which have a profound effect on the heart disease.

Having a migraine headache

The cause is not clear, but having a migraine increases the risk of paralysis stroke.

If you have a persistent migraine, you must see a doctor.

Work long hours

Medical experts say that people who work longer hours, they suffer from heart problems. Working long hours and sitting in the office can be stressful. Avoid working long hours here.

Don’t be angry

Angry people are about five percent more likely to have a heart attack. As a result, angry people develop heart disease and paralysis stroke. If you get angry, follow the steps to control it. Anger can be controlled to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Short stature

The Short stature can also lead to an increase in heart disease. Short stature people have a higher risk of developing high cholesterol.

People suffering from loneliness Having few friends and being away from one’s family is also one of the main reasons for this. Not only does it make you feel lonely but it also causes high blood pressure. So sit in good friends and good company and gossip. Take care of yourself and the people around you. And spread this awareness among the common people.

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