Sapphire Summer Lawn 2017 Collection With Prices

Sapphire Summer Lawn

Price: PKR 2,190

We share with you Sapphire Summer Lawn 2017 Collection With Prices. Hope that you will like this Sapphire Summer Lawn 2017 Collection. The quality of the fabric, material, and the originality of his style, which has Sapphire Nabeel Abdullah and Khadija Shah one of most acclaimed concept in fashion brands. Fashion designer loads this summer, enjoy the luxury of the fabric of the brand and the splendor of summer collection Sapphire turf 2017. 

Sapphire Summer Lawn

Price: PKR 1,790

Tangle of alleys, cobbled streets and the sparkling blue sea welcomed Mrs Shah you Italian picturesquely wrapped up in the collection of the lawn Sapphire summer 2017. When you visit the city of fashion or go see the last game of the Pakistan Super League two final stages of the Lahore Gaddafi, grab your most remarkable pieces! Sapphire, cheerleading hang wins a few Mudes, necklace and an elegant scarf for the perfect show for the night.

Sapphire Summer Lawn 2017 Collection

Price: PKR 1,790

The price for each dress on each image. Watch carefully for its price range. We are pleased that we can present you the catalogue of Sapphire was lawn collection 2017 vol. 1. Hoping to build on this reputation, Sapphire has formed a partnership with Khadija Shah, a name that has an excellent reputation in the fashion world. New retailers resulted in a breakthrough brand Sapphire this combination of sophisticated and high quality fabric design.

Clothing range offers something for everyone: daily wear, party dresses, to wear tunics and shawls and silk, the same scrappy fabric. The Red wire of the collections provides cheap designer fashion for the masses.

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