New and Easy Hair Styles for Brides of 2014

Add sufficient connection with piecey ultra thin pieces of hair framing the face . Placing bun at the back keeps the modern look .New Easy Hair Styles for Brides of 2014

Easy style for a fresh-faced girlfriend , on a wool top and keep the hair combed back side for a modern version of the strip.

Smooth hair back in two sections in the back of the neck . Turn each cross section rather two to hold them in place and secure with bobby pins.

Less likely to be larger and , believe it or not, that philosophy can also be applied to brides .

Balancing extravagance in dress decorated with tail very smooth and simple or low riding and modern bride in an elegant dress and slip and simply ” do.

The key to winning “cool factor ” of this style is the texture , so start the process by crumpled teksturyruyutsya mousse to finish.

Finally , cut a deep side part and sweep the hair on the face to provide free on the dirtier the better back.

Gently backcomb hair and secure replacement tail on the back . Gently shake the tail , allowing the pieces fall around your face.

Divide into three parts , the braid loosely and make it relative to the head , accidentally setting sections as you go .

New and Easy Hair Styles for Brides of 2014

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