Is menstruation a depression for women?

Is menstruation a depression for women?. Most women suffer from depression before the onset of menstruation. Yes, menstruation is a depression for women. For women, this period is nothing short of a nightmare. Most women suffer from this problem to a great extent. This affects people in and around their homes. Before a woman’s menstrual cycle begins, stress tends to dictate and erupt.

Is menstruation a depression for women
Is menstruation a depression for women

Menstrual cramps and its treatment

Symptoms of PMDD can be reduced with antidepressant medications. These drugs have been instrumental in keeping the patient mentally fit. The doctor will treat this problem for a year or more. According to the current Express, taking the medicine for four months reduces these symptoms. But most doctors recommend using it for up to a year. If we leave you too soon, these symptoms will return. Which are more severe than before.

Ways to prevent PMDD in addition to medication

The offspring of this disease are very important. So you can try to control this disease on your own.

Aerobic exercise

Exercise on a daily basis. Exercise is a great way to stay mentally fit. Exercising on a daily basis can overcome these problems.

Dietary precautions

Reduce sugar and caffeine from your diet. Six hundred milligrams of calcium is required twice a day. And fish oil is very important in overcoming these problems. These problems can be largely avoided by using fish oil. Eating too much at one time is like eating too little at a time.

Some symptoms of PMDD

  • Not interested in anything
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Bad mood
  • Severe body aches
  • The appetite system is not right

Contraceptives Contraceptives affect emotional and mental capacity. Many of these drugs are harmful to mental and physical health. Therefore, do not use such drugs without the advice of a qualified doctor. PMDD has a negative impact on women’s lives. But it is possible to cure it.

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