How to lose weight after delivery

It becomes difficult for women to lose weight after delivery. For which she endures a lot of hunger and starts various exercises. This causes fatigue and irritability in women. Yes, it is possible to lose weight after delivery. In this case, gaining 11 to 16 kg is usually a sign of health. And gaining more or less weight can be harmful to health. A balanced diet is essential for weight control in pregnancy. And exercise is important as well. Increase the use of fruits, vegetables and pulses in the diet.

lose weight after delivery
lose weight after delivery

Satisfy your appetite with fruits and dried fruits. Your health is better if you stay close to nature. And at the same time your baby will stay healthy and fit. After delivery, a woman’s body needs a lot of energy to recover. Most moms need 2500 calories a day. You can get this energy from a balanced and good diet. What a balanced diet you will use, so soon your body is back to normal.

Here are some verses that can be used to lose weight:

Take a glass of water with honey in the morning.

Make breakfast as soon as possible and healthy.

Use one egg and two seasonal fruits daily.

Raw vegetables must be eaten.

Drink at least twelve glasses of water in the day.

Eat roasted gram and dates from time to time.

Must eat three meals a day.

Use chicken, fish and pulses in the curry.

By following these guidelines, you can take care of yourself and your family.

Always be happy and remember in prayers.

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