Sensitivity of High blood pressure for brain health

Respective viewers High blood pressure is Really Sensitive for health. According to a new study are people who suffer from high blood pressure suffer, especially in the middle ages, an increased risk for cognitive problems later in life. The study examines several studies and provides an overview of what is currently known influence hypertension, diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and vascular cognitive impairment. A researcher said: “many observational studies show that treating high blood pressure reduce the cognitive effects of high blood pressure, in particular on vascular cognitive impairment, but observational studies intended to prove not cause and effect.”blood-pressure

A number of changes in the functioning of the brain, from mild to severe, caused by the vascular cognitive impairment describes blood flow to the brain affected. “We know for the treatment of high blood pressure reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack, heart failure and stroke, and it is important that continue treatment for the prevention of these diseases,” said charging Coke.

Added: “but we must be reduced the risk of cognitive disorders later randomized – more controlled studies which prove not cause and effect – to determine whether the treatment of high blood pressure suffer, especially in the middle ages, in life.” One of the questions is between the time researchers, where a patient has high blood pressure and if the cognitive problems as long-term studies on topics such as such as at the beginning of the treatment for the protection of the brain on the level of blood pressure are achieved should and what drugs are recommended hard-to-define, years.

The test SPRINT spirit, a new study which will assess the role of the treatment of high blood pressure compared to cognitive disorders provide answers to some of the questions to the treatment of high blood pressure compared to reduce the risk of cognitive impairment, “, Iadecola said.” So far, Iadecola, recommends to treat high blood pressure on an individual basis in patients to protect the brain, heart, and kidneys.

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