Coronavirus treatment is possible but how?

It’s a pleasure, Coronavirus treatment is possible. Take special care of your health. Yes, corona virus can be treated, Fortunately, coronavirus can be cured. There is nothing to be afraid of. Be careful. Be sure to wear a mask and do not go to crowded places.  According to Pakistani doctor Tahir Shamsi, the patients have recovered from the corona virus, They can donate their plasma after three weeks. This is how people with coronavirus can be treated.48 hours after plasma transfer, Coronavirus patients begin to recover.

Coronavirus treatment is possible
Coronavirus treatment is possible

Fortunately, treatment for corona viruses is now possible.

Only one patient can recover from a plasma. Because plasma contains antibodies. Therefore, full help can be given to protect the patient from infection. Plasma transfer has been tested and has been successful. Doctors also instruct patients with coronavirus to be tested.

Some guidelines for patients with coronavirus

Coronavirus Treatment is possible if you care.

Patients should eat a good and balanced diet

Smoking should be avoided at all costs

Because smoking is very harmful to the lungs

We have to take care of ourselves and the people around us so that we can avoid the Corona virus.

Precautions to avoid corona virus

Wash your hands regularly with soap
Masks must be used
Don’t go to crowded places at all
Stay away from people
Use your own food and drink
You keep the drinking glass separate
Avoid hugs and handshakes
Take care of yourself and your families. Always trust in God, May Allah be with us.

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