Causes of paralysis and its treatment?

What are the causes of the paralysis we have in stock?. And how to treat it. paralysis is generally considered to be one such disease, that which cannot be cured. This is a completely wrong impression. The arteries of the brain become blocked, due to which the blood supply to the brain is affected. It is called causes of paralysis. Smoking, drinking and High blood pressure and obesity causes paralysis. The number of paralysis patients is increasing day by day. Due to which millions of people are becoming victims of some kind of disability. About 20% of people die of a stroke. The disease usually progresses between the ages of fifty and sixty, and at this age, the sugar level also rises.

Causes of paralysis
Causes of paralysis

If you can’t control your sugar and blood pressure, you can have this stroke. Foods at this age should be used very carefully. High blood sugar and high blood pressure can lead to stroke. Poultry food enthusiasts and those who do not exercise, Such people are at higher risk of stroke. Go to a good hospital and doctor immediately after a stroke.

Symptoms of paralysis:

Suddenly the mouth becomes crooked, affected by movement of hands, feet and hands. MRI and CT scans of the brain are needed to diagnose it. It shows which part of the brain is not working properly. Pregnant women are more likely to have a stroke. Paralysis can lead to many brain infections.

How can we be safe from paralysis stroke?

First and foremost, control your blood pressure. Use medicines for blood pressure. Mandatory control of sugar. Use medication on a daily basis. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Avoid smoking:

Avoid depression and stress. Many people suffer from paralysis due to stress. So control your anger and lower your cholesterol. Eat more fruits and vegetables and keep your weight down. Paralysis can not only paralyze any part of the body, it can even cause death.

Eat more tomatoes:

God has such a feature in tomatoes, the use of which avoids the risk of stroke. Tomatoes Contains high levels of antioxidants, Watermelon and guava are also good for this purpose. Exercising also reduces the causes of paralysis.

Use less salt:

Minimize salt intake to maintain health. But most people use plenty of salt. Consuming too much salt raises blood pressure, and high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke. Minimize the risk of stroke by minimizing salt intake in the diet.

Losing human weight:

Being overweight causes many diseases. Being overweight increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. This increases the risk of stroke. Therefore, the risk of stroke can be avoided by losing weight. A balanced diet and daily exercise can help us lose weight.

Cholesterol control:

Excess cholesterol increases the chances of comparison in the arteries. Cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce the risk of stroke.

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