Breast Cancer Risk Fectors Sign and Treatment

Breast Cancer Risk Fectors

Breast Cancer Risk Fectors Sign and Treatment

Breast Cancer Risk Fectors signs and treatment discissed here.Breast cancer is a malignant tumor, a collection of cancer cells that come from the breast cells. Although breast cancer occurs mainly in women, it can also affect males.

Breast cancer is a cancer that begins in the tissues of the breast. There are two types of breast cancer: 1. Ductal carcinoma begins in the pipes (channels) that the breast milk is moved to the nipple. Most breast cancer are of this type. Breast Cancer Risk Fectors

2. Lobular carcinoma begins in the breast parts, called mamma glands, which produce milk. The formation of tumor cells in the breast and this formed mass occurs after the determination by an expert or the menstrual cycle of the woman. Radiological therefore extremely harmless ultrasound imaging that goes out of this disease, tumor growth, then a thumbs up manually is very difficult to diagnose. Today, breast cancer is the mass media and by conscious women that early detection can be a welcome development. Every woman in the scene today finally discharges into the breast cancer of women and so damaged by the head beating the old days where the doctor did not know how to use the Internet at home regularly inspected. Breast Cancer Risk Fectors


Early breast cancer usually causes no symptoms. That’s why regular breast tests are important. If the cancer develops, the symptoms may include:

A piece of breast or a piece in the deodorant, which is usually not injured, is hard and does not uniformly edges
Change the size, shape or feel of the breast or nipple-for example, you can use redness, padding or liquid secretion that looks like the skin of an orange
The moisture of the nipple-perhaps bloody, clear in yellow, green and pus look like
Men can also receive breast cancer. The symptoms are lumps of breast and painful breasts and tenderness.


The treatment is based on many factors, including:

  • Type and phase of cancer
    When cancer is sensitive to certain hormones
    or against Cancer (OVEREXPRESSS) a gene called HER2/neu
    Cancer treatments can include:
  • Chemotherapy drugs to kill cancer cells
    Radiation therapy to destroy the cancer tissue
    Surgery to remove the tissue from cancer-a lumpectomy removes the lump of the breast; Mast mastectomy removes all or part of the chest and perhaps near the structures.
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