Autumn/Winter 2014 Jewellery Designs for Ladies

WHEN it comes to jewellery, we like it to be occasion appropriate and to suit our mood. So, versatile and semi-discreet for everyday wear; edgy and statement-making for parties; and big and bold for evening events. See the names that have made it onto our radars this season here.


Annina Vogel


Annina Vogel’s Victorian and antique jewellery has a sentimentality to it – like that of a unique keepsake passed down from your ancestors. With her new Engravings collection the designer has gone one step further and made each piece more personal with a lilt or an old lyric pertaining to the same era. “I love Victorian wit and jewellery from that period,” she told us. “It gives me great pleasure to find jewellery that isn’t necessarily appreciated in its current structure and give it a modern edge. This collection is another way of reusing something old and creating something that I hope will become a modern heirloom.”


Engraved Small Signet Ring, £450 at




Grace Berrow

Made, set and plated in London’s legendary Hatton Garden, Grace Berrow’s jewellery is clean, architectural and uncomplicated. As a Solange Azagury Partridge protégée, Berrow has been trained by the best and it shows. “I think the designs stand out because of their clean architectural aesthetic. They are not fussy but have a strong but feminine look,” Berrow told us. “I am really pleased with the simplicity and strength of the designs and love that it can be made totally personal to the owner.” Grace-Berrow-Vogue

Delfina Delettrez

This jewellery designer hails from the Fendi family, and has clearly inherited the creative design gene. Currently impressing the fashion industry with her eponymous label, she uses traditional techniques to make modern gems. “I use stones and classic materials, such as pearls but in a contemporary way,” Delettrez told us. “I love to play with “phantom settings” to give a sense of lightness to the jewel, but I also use marble, resins and woods. My jewellery takes on a life of its own and has a decorative function even if decontextualised from the body.”Delfina-Delettrez-Vogue
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