Some Important Advantages and disadvantages of cholesterol

Advantages and disadvantages of cholesterol

In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cholesterol. Everything in the human body must be created with balance. If this balance is disturbed, we are at risk of many diseases. It also contains cholesterol. Cholesterol is closely linked to the heart and liver. Cholesterol is also very dear to the kidneys. It also had a profound effect on blood pressure and diabetes.

Advantages and disadvantages of cholesterol
Advantages and disadvantages of cholesterol

This is why people with high cholesterol have a higher risk of developing heart disease. Similarly, advantages and disadvantages of cholesterol. Cholesterol also rises in countries that eat a lot of fatty foods. Millions of people die of such cholesterol deaths every year. Cholesterol is actually a fat found in animals. Produces fluid from our liver. We also get it from the egg meat era. It is not found in vegetables and fruits. Cholesterol is actually a type of fat. These fats are present all over our body. Cholesterol cannot break down in the phone alone, so it has to work with protein. When the cholesterol rises above a certain rate, it freezes in the arteries. Clogged arteries cause narrowing of blood flow.

If the coronary artery is affected, the risk of heart attack increases. Similarly, narrowing of the cerebral arteries increases the risk of paralysis stroke. We don’t have any other common symptoms due to high cholesterol. But around the eyes and elbows become bay. If you see anything like this, you must have your blood sample checked in a laboratory. The only cause of high cholesterol is the intake of fatty foods. In addition, lack of exercise and mental stress also increases cholesterol level. So we must avoid things.

How to avoid high cholesterol

To avoid high cholesterol, avoid beef and illegal items. Avoid butter and cheese in oily foods. Use small amounts of olive oil and fish oil. Eat more vegetables, fruits and pulses. Excessive consumption of salads also leads to weight loss. Use more fiber in your diet.

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