Top Gender Bender Rock Stars Wearing Women’s Clothes

Top Gender Bender Rock Stars Wearing Women's Clothes

Top Gender Bender Rock Stars Wearing Women’s Clothes

Young ladies acquiring from the young men isn’t anything radical or new—the most trendy ladies have been doing this for a long time. Marlene Dietrich made dark tie look rich and ladylike all the while, Katharine Hepburn stood her ground against heading gents incorporating Spencer Tracy in trousers, and Bianca Jagger stunned everybody when she wore a white suit to wedmick Jagger. So why did the sight of Jay Z in a ladies’ Rodarte shirt a weekend ago get everybody talking? When its all said and done, grasping the nipped-in waists, striking palette, and fun surfaces of womenswear is an idea that some of music’s alpha guys have been investigating for more than a large portion of a century.

After the hypersexuality of the 1960s and 1970s, marvelousness and luxury bisexuality got to be up to date with the ascent of Grace Jones and Prince in the 1980s. Ruler’s offbeat Purple Rain-period groups offered unsettled, high collars, overstated shoulders, little waists, and intermittently, sequins. Pushing another model of manliness wrapped in a sparkling compartment, Prince made ready for stars like Lenny Kravitz. In the music feature for his hit tune, “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” Kravitz is wearing high-heeled stage boots and a sleeveless red tunic over matching trousers, a look that gives the artist a rough sexual vitality with a pretty clean.

At the point when the Rolling Stones completely carried their own weight, they’d jettisoned the thought of matching garbs and comparative haircuts, rather grasping one another’s uniqueness. There waskeith Richards in his scarves, and Jagger in his skin-tight pants which in any case he wears—to glittery cosmetics and disco gatherings with embellishments, looks with dramatic ability that affected entertainers down to Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

Around 10 years after the fact, David Bowie and his liquid methodology to manliness was comparably grasped by popular society and the general population with the entry of his hit single “Starman” and the collection The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Changing himself into Ziggy wearing spandex suits, brilliant cosmetics, and skipping in front of an audience, Bowie’s made toward oneself character was significant of the free-vivacious state of mind.

And afterward came the 1990s and grunge, epitomized by Kurt Cobain. As often as possible performing in front of an audience with Nirvana in wife Courtney Love’s infant doll dresses, shredded pants, and panther cover, Cobain’s danger taking design uncovered a dynamic attitude, demonstrating that gentlemen could revel in overwhelming metal, protopunk, and different sorts of forceful music while as of now smudging the sexual orientation lines, and subsequently rousing an era of young men who acquire from the young ladies. Ariel Pink and Jared Leto have grasped a comparable sensibility with lattice tops, slip dresses, botanical prints, and tweed. The dichotomy of the grunge fellow wearing ladylike forms and manufactures has entered style various times yet most clearly at Dior Homme and now Saint Laurent Paris under the steerage of Hedi Slim…

Top Gender Bender Rock Stars Wearing Women’s Clothes

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