Obesity can affect the timing of the flu infection and new research is found

timing of the flu infectionObesity can affect the timing of the flu infection and new research is found

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan investigated the data collected by about 1,800 people in the 320 houses of Managua, Nicaragua, and infected people released the virus,

Analyzes the effects of obesity on the time of shedding a virus that could pass it on to other people. 

timing of the flu infection

The researchers observed the three flu periods from 2015 to 2017 and measured the duration of the virus released by the nasal sample test. The results showed that obese adults had a mild disease and asymptomatic, and 104% of the influenza virus were infected, but influenza symptoms and diagnosed influenza and obesity were 42% longer than obese adults. Longer than those who are not obese. Obesity affects the duration of the virus, which is one of two flu viruses that can trigger a human epidemic.

The relationship with the influenza B virus will usually lead to less serious illnesses of adults and not cause a pandemic. Obesity also has no effect on the duration of the child shedding the virus.    “This is the first real proof that obesity can not only affect the severity of the disease,” said senior research author Aubree Gordon.

“It can also affect the direct transmission. In addition to aggravating breathing and increasing the need for oxygen, researchers have this, like flu, severe, because obesity can change the immune response of the body, resulting in chronic inflammation and the risk of transmission potential Be affected. 

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