Nargis Said In Film industry once the movie over the Friendship is our

Actress Nargis Fakhri at work are still the ones with the ” best friend ” of the entertainment world yapmaip Mumbai good learning , said: ” It was after the film dostluk”.Nargis
S. ” Madras Cafe ” We have great feedback , you will get a good role.
A. You have received many awards for this role offer to the amas ” Main Tera Hero, ” and then I just “Shauke saying” I do.
“Rockstar” the question of what the long trip to the ” Main Tera Hero” to get ?
A. I learned a lot about entertain endüstrisininyol Mumbai but also when working with a best friend who unfortunately is something different than this friendship filmdostluk ettiktek over a lifetime . One thought A painful process

Q. While you were three years old in Bollywood , now how do you feel at home.
A. I honestly do not have a fish out of water, I do not understand many things here I’m still ‘ owned ‘ efforts to try to find your way around this place if you like to work in Bollywood . Wood, accessories like wigs, false eyelashes and makeup you have to spend a lot , I say to you , but I’m not completely prevent equipment – .

Q. You do not have to do what many others.
A. Give ! If you do not have to sue anyone , it is difficult me to relax and to create a balance between what you can expect from me very hard , if I survive, I have tried to inconsistency but I recognize that there are still many things. Neco we do not understand the pain and then they will work with you as a stranger on the people here are very friendly.
For someone like me who is very picky about my friends too painful, but when you ‘ve been conned by someone feel stupid ” are not stupid, you have to go to school ,” he said, but in the end it turned out Wisely. No matter what, no matter how bad you do not want to get bitter about their experience .

Q. Do you miss your family in Mumbai ?
A. I Annemila time since I came here in January to visit Mumbai , I would say that you had a good time , he stayed with me for a few days in Mumbai and then I sent him on the trip . Them through Northern India, I had to introduce my new movie , because unfortunately, I did not spend more time with her, but I’m glad I get to see how they live .

Q. This is the first of a parent or not.
A. While the author before he goes to visit his mother and I have been living with Shahid Kapoor , lol.

Visit Fans of Mother and beer bottles Q. So you do not have to hide ?
A. No, mother, and talked about. Everything under birliktegüneş I like her very much, we are very close, I take care of him financially and emotionally , he is my best friend , alcohol and drugs , we talk about sex.

Q. I have not seen him do drugs, I do not know about the rest or not.
A. out of work than not do two things at the moment, so for me life is depressing.

S. ” Main Tera Hero” is a pleasant experience ?
A. It was fun most of the time , I had a good time. It was like working with my family Ileana ‘ Cruz and Varun Dhawan is very useful , I pray every day to work with people like that Ileana and I are very similar, he thought in yaptığımşekil although I do not too crazy over it. We also have a good head on our shoulders.

S. Varuna your model or not.
A. We immediately hit it off Varuna to college abroad, we have a lot in common , I would not be a political issue , he will tell you my favorite co-stars as a young man , he ‘s very smart and very attentive.

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