Giorgio Armani Women Clothing Autumn Dresses 2014

Giorgio Armani Women Clothing Autumn Dresses 2014Giorgio Armani is a most famous name in the world of fashion. Giorgio Armani likes to focal point your complete movie collection color – and today he chose gray , in an attempt to display that action Armani can take even the most bland shades and provide give it life. He scattered lime green throughout, so that three -housing length, foot width, and pleat pants – fronted over lizard skin pumps adds a flash of color or light jacket can match green buttons peeking from the hole.

As Macy Gray sings Here Comes The Rain Again and then Queen Under strain over, no sense of Macy’s blues or any weight at all , as the girls go together, two by two – way Armani – exhausting their sassy office , identikit curly and lace -up boots low heels for them is not a care in the world. Grey was whipped into current preferred waffled Armani silk shirt, featuring green go faster stripes down the sides of the smooth track pants, shredded sleeves alienated into square shirt, or sparkling like rotating hard on a scarf.

Bag covered in sheepskin pompoms or in large woven mesh adds a gentle approach to what is or else a languid, relaxed collection – gray look graceful and nearly every one of all to switch case of sparkling, attention seeking evening. So even if a woman feels Armani gray, she still looks the part. Let’s have a look at the collection here below….

Giorgio Armani Women Clothing  Autumn Dresses 2014

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